Craving Wolves Addiction Podcast Podcast Artwork Image

Craving Wolves Addiction Podcast

Carel van Heerden

The podcast to help you battle the everyday struggle with addiction, cravings, dependency and bad habits but also give you some helpful tips and good habits that helped me. This podcast will give my struggles and triumphs with addiction some life and hopefully assist you in your own battle regarding addiction. The reason for the name and artwork of this Podcast is based on the Yin Yang sign from Taoism, depicted by two wolves, a good wolf and an evil wolf. A concept of addiction is that these wolves live inside you and you have to choose which one to feed… Addiction effects everyone in a different way, a different reaction to different substances, some people are able to have one drink and never be concerned others have one and there whole life turns upside down. A small note about me, my biggest dependencies were cigarettes and alcohol and I am more that 5 year free of both of them. This podcast will house my point of view on addiction, dependency, cravings, Habits (Good and Bad) and give a platform for people to reach out and let their stories be heard, through me or as a guest on the show. I will discuss things that helped me in the battle and obstacles that hindered me throughout the continuous war with addiction. The Podcast will have a feel good serious vibe where some hard topics will be discussed in relieving way to deal with these hard topics. I want to let you know you are not alone in this struggle and together we can start saying no to things that don’t fulfil us and yes to things that do.